1 - Deploy and configure your Onfly Boost in just 15 minutes

1 – Download our plugin, which will enable you to access your objects directly from Revit.

To download our plugin, click "download plugin" when Onfly opens.

Download our plugin

2 – Opening your library from Revit and uploading your objects to Onfly

Open the project or Revit template containing the object families you want to import to Onfly.

Click "Send" and follow the steps involved to publish your chosen object families in Onfly.

Once you've completed the process, your object families will be available in Onfly and accessible online or from Revit via our plugin.

Uploading objects

3 – Your Onfly is now ready and you can start inviting your colleagues!

Your Onfly is now ready. All that remains for you to do is invite your colleagues so you can share your families and begin working.

Inviting users
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