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How are collections and favorites managed?

❤ Collections and Favorites are groups of objects that you can create. Whether to group by projects, by categories or your own criteria. Each user has his own group of favorites, this one is personal and cannot be shared, on the other hand the collections are created by the administrators and are shared with all the users of the Onfly.

Collections and favorites are accessible in the "Content" menu of the navigation bar.

Favorites are accessible in the "Collections" page

To add files to your favorites, simply click on the heart on the chosen file. This will be instantly added to favorites. To delete favorites, go to the favorites group and click again on the heart to deselect it.

The collections are accessible in the "Content" menu of the navigation bar.

By clicking on the name of the collection, its content is displayed.

Onfly administrators can create an unlimited number of collections, simply by clicking on the "Create Collection" button. An interface then allows you to enter the name and description of this collection.

After creating a collection, the user is automatically redirected to the object management in order to add objects to this collection. He then selects the objects he wants to add to the collection, then in the bottom banner, he chooses the desired collection (just as he can do with projects)

Adding to a collection can also be done object by object by clicking on the + button in the Space section.

All Onfly users can view the content of a collection or their favorites folder, however, only administrators can create a group by clicking on the "Create a collection" button.

To delete objects from a collection, select the objects in the Object management list, the bottom bar allows you to delete the common collections linked to the objects by clicking on the cross.

When you delete files from your favorites, or objects from your collections these will also be deleted from the Plugins Collection palette. An alert message is then displayed to confirm the decision.

Updated on: 30/09/2021

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