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How can I view the deteails and the CAO/BIM parameters of files?

💡 Available information:

When you click on a file in the list, an inspector opens to the right of the page.

This inspector gathers information from the object in the top section, as well as the parameters for the file selected in the bottom section. Parameters are only present for BIM files for the time being.

💡 Information from the object:

- Date of creation and date of last modification for the object
- Category of the object - this field states the category of the object as defined by the modelling software.
- Name of the parent BIM object - clicking on this object name opens this object in a new browser tab
- Preview - this link includes both the images and the 3D preview of the selected file
- Classifications - this section displays the different classifications associated with the BIM object. Some are automatic such as those for Revit or Rhinoceros, while others are manual and are intended for use in the object editor.

File parameters (optional)

- List of variants - this drop-down menu displays all of the file variants. When you switch variant, the parameters values are updated according.y.
- The next section contains groups of parameters - it is possible to open them in order to find parameters. These are displayed with the name of the parameter and its value for the selected variant.
- Visual indicators that allow you to very quickly determine the type of a parameter (family, shared, or Built-in Revit), as well as its nature (type or instance parameter)

Updated on: 29/09/2021

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