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How do I upload my object library to my onfly?

1️⃣ Upload

The upload is the first sending of the object to the Onfly platform, at this stage identifiers specific to BIM & CO will be added to the object to link it to the object of the platform. This function allows you to select objects from a project and upload them to Onfly either from the model or from a local folder.

2️⃣ Choice of object (s)

This screen allows you to select one or more objects of the model in order to send them to Onfly.

If you have pre-selected one or more objects in Revit, you will not see this screen, the selection will be automatic.

The objects in the model are classified by Revit category. The small arrow-shaped icon opens the category in order to display all the families included.

After selecting the objects, click on the "Next" button

Then click on "Continue"

By clicking on Upload, the objects are sent to Onfly

3️⃣ Visualization

The following screen shows the result of the upload, if you have uploaded only one object →

Or if you have uploaded several or by folder →

You can refer to the following article to follow the upload steps via a GIF

Updated on: 13/10/2021

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