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How do you monitor access by profile?



The ADMINISTRATION tab allows you to access the User management centre, in which you can manage the members of your Onfly platform, pending invitations, and also the permissions assigned to each member.


You can invite new members to Onfly using their email addresses.

Click on the "Invite new members" button

Fill in the Email address field with the addresses of people you want to invite, then click on "Add". You can invite several people at once: all you have to do is enter the addresses at the same time, and click on "Add".

You can remove an email address by clicking on the X icon next to the email address.

And finally, click on the "Send invitations" button to send the invitations. Below you will find out how to assign various roles to invited users.

A message is displayed to notify you of the success of the operation.

The Pending invitations tab allows you to manage active invitations: send the invitation email, delete an invitation, or select the role of invited persons when they join the platform.

It is also possible to select several people in the list in order to delete their invitations, or to send them another invitation.


You can limit Onfly access requests by specifying specific access domains.

Fill in the domain field with the domains for which you wish to authorise requests, and click on Add. Then click on "Save" to save this configuration


As a result, only individuals whose email address has an authorised domain name will be able to submit an Onfly access request.

If the domain name of the address does not march up, the user will receive the following message: "This domain name is not authorised". He/she will not be able to send this access request.

If the domain name of the address is authorised, an access request will be sent to the administrators of the platform.

The list of users who have submitted requests can be accessed in the "List of pending access requests" tab.

The administrator can then check the profile of the user submitting the request prior to granting access.


When a new user is invited to the platform, he/she is automatically categorised as a Member, if the email address domain name is authorised, or alternatively as a Partner.

Nonetheless, administrators can modify this selection, either in the pending invitations...

... or in the list of active members.

The "Members" tab allows you to assign roles to users by clicking on the drop-down menu. The available roles and their corresponding permissions are as follows:

Updated on: 30/09/2021

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