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Onfly preference


This page allows you to define platform and plugins configuration choices that concern all users. This page is therefore reserved for Administrators.

Revit plugin

Upload preferences

This preference determines the name that will be given to the object when uploading via the Revit plugin. This choice is defined for all users of the Onfly space.

It is possible to choose the naming of objects between

- Revit family name
- Model parameter of the Revit family,
⚠️ If an object has multiple types, the family name is always used because the model parameter can potentially have multiple values.

Download preferences

This preference activates or not the downloading of automatic properties during a download or a downstream. These automatic BIM & CO properties are as follows:

- Author of the object,
- Creation date,
- Description of the reference,
- Type of object
- Author's URL.

Updated on: 13/10/2021

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