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The Onfly search engine

🔎 A simple file search can be performed in the same way on the platform as in the plugin.

This field allows you to enter one or more words that will be used for the search within the following attributes:

- Name of the file
- Name of the variant (type)
- Description
- Tags
- Manufacturer
- Classification

It is not necessary to separate the words with any character. The Onfly search engine adapts to the entry, by combining complete and fragmented searches.

Display by relevance
A rating system then allows you to filter the corresponding objects and to rank them according to relevance. The number of points assigned to objects depends on the words searched within the following criteria

Name of the file → 8 pts

Name of a variant → 5 pts

Tag → 3 pts

Description → 2 pts

Classification → 1 pt

Name of the manufacturer → 1 pt

The score for each file is the total of all of the points.

The display shows the files with the most points at the top, and those with the least points at the bottom. This is the referred to as displaying by "relevance".

Updated on: 29/09/2021

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